PLEASE NOTE The St. Albert Inn & Suites is a 100% non-smoking property.
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St. Albert Inn & Suites Policies:

Pet Policy

We have Pet Friendly rooms available on request. Pets are defined as cats and dogs that are small or medium-sized and weigh up to 50 lbs. or 24 kg. We do not accept exotic pets, including all types of birds, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, snakes, spiders or any type of lizard.

The maxium number of pets we allow is two. Pet owners will be responsible for any damage that is caused by their pet(s). The damage fees will be applied to the guest folio or credit card.

When the owners are absent from the guestroom, their respective pets must be kenneled. Our staff will not service rooms if they are not kenneled. We assume no responsibility for pets that are not kenneled.

Pets that create disturbance during their stay must be removed. For the safety and comfort of our other customers, pets must be kenneled or controlled on a leash when they are in public areas.

No-Smoking Policy

We are a non-smoking hotel. If there is evidence of smoking in the room, the guest will be charged a cleaning fee of $300.00. The additional cleaning fee will be applied to the guest folio.

Sports Team Policy

The leader of the group agrees to be financially responsible for any and all damages caused by the team. In addition, the leader must sign the group agreement prior to be issued the keys. For underage teams, there needs to be a minimum of one chaperone available and on site at all times.

St. Albert Inn & Suites Terms:

Payment Policies

We accept major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and bank debit cards. Guests without a credit card are able to pay in cash or debit with proper photo identification. A security deposit of $300.00 is required when paying by cash or debit. Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted.

Documents that may be used as identification include an Alberta Operator’s License, Alberta Identification Card, Armed Forces Identification Card, Certificate of Indian Status Card, Certificate of Indian Immigrant Authorization Card, Firearms Possession Certificate, or passport.